Fill Your Feed With Positivity in 2021!

Aimee Fisher
2 min readJul 28, 2021


Fill your Instagram feed with positivity for 2021!

Instagram: the home of the OOTD and your favourite celebrities holiday snaps. But for those of us whose lives aren’t picturesque 24/7, Instagram can be a bit of a downer. And as many of us spend an hour or more on social media everyday, how does what we see impact our mental health? A UK study from 2017 may have some answers: a survey of 1,479 young people aged 16–24 concluded that Instagram is the worst social media platform for young people’s mental health, with many participants discussing increased levels of anxiety, depression, body image and bullying stemming from their use of these apps. But realistically, we knew this already, social media can be bad for your mental health. We also can be fairly certain that social media isn’t going away any time soon either, so the real question we should be asking is not should I come off Instagram? But how can I make my feed better for my mental health? Now that we’re asking the right questions, let’s get some answers.

  1. Review and get rid.

When I say ‘Get rid’, I don’t mean it in a malicious unfollow-your-mum way, but you’ve got to be really honest with yourself about what’s getting you down and why on your feed and that’s going to take some introspection. You may love their clothing but how does it make you feel seeing skeletal models on your favourite brands profile? Are you just following the Hadid sisters to stay relevant or do you genuinely like their content? Still hanging onto any exes or your ex’s new girlfriend (purely for research purposes, of course)? If so, time to go! Don’t be afraid to go a bit Marie Condo on your following list, if it does not spark joy then unfollow.

  1. Find your feed.

So now what? You’ve got an empty, boring feed. Now comes the fun bit, finding new people to follow. Considering there are 1 billion profiles on Instagram as of 2018 it’s certainly a daunting task to find stuff you actually like. A few years ago when I revamped my Instagram I started by searching my hobbies or the type of thing I knew would make me feel better when I opened my phone. Beautiful girls with my body type, cute animals, amazing chefs, memes galore, the possibilities are endless! But if you aren’t sure where to start, here’s some recommendations:

  • Beautiful mid-size gals:
  • @themeganedit
  • @breekish
  • @midsizecollective
  • @supplechic
  • @francescaperks
  • Book-ish babes:
  • @thesolreader
  • @lifebytheink
  • @theguywiththebook
  • @wordchild
  • @clumsy.words
  • Amazing food:
  • @rgveganfood
  • @cookingwithzainab
  • @pippyeats
  • @seemagetsbaked
  • @mobkitchen
  • All-round inspiring people:
  • @unjadedjade
  • @kieraplease
  • @veekativhu
  • @theartidote
  • @fnkdesigns



Aimee Fisher

I’m Aimee, an English Literature Undergraduate at the University of Exeter, writer and poet.